Friday, January 16, 2009

Well, that's not really fair either

Her:Have I ever told you that I like your pencil
Him: Really?
Her: Hmm, it writes very smoothly.
Him: Thanks, babe.
Her: And, you know, it's manageable.
Him: Manageable?
Her: Yup
Him: What do you mean, "manageable?"
Her: What are you getting mad about? I meant it as a compliment.
Him: Compliment?! How is that a compliment?
Her: What's wrong with you? I was just saying that I liked your pencil.
Him: Yes - because it's "manageable."
Her: So?
Him: Does this mean you've used pencils that were less "manageable" before?
Her: I don't understand...
Him: You know very well what I mean.
Her: Well...
Him: I'll have you know that this pencil has always been very well
received. ALWAYS.
Her: Yes, I can see why. I just told you...
Him: No! It wasn't because of it's apparent manageability. In fact, it was mostly complimented for it's impressive length - with or without the eraser on the back. Wait a second. What was the last pencil you used?
Her: What?! I refuse to answer that question.
Him: Tell me.
Her: No.
Him: Was it one of those new-fangled mechanical ones?
Her: Stop it.
Him: You can't compare a normal pencil to one of those! That's not fair, you know.
Her: I said, stop it! You're being ridiculous.
Him: I'm right then, aren't I.
Her: No - you're not even close. It was a color pencil.


  1. you're hilarious man! love all the posts. this one and the mock read-my-life blog post made me laugh out loud at work. the person in the next cube probably thinks i'm weird now, thanks.

  2. Anonymous above is probably Faraz.

  3. Muhahahahaha, "color pencil." lol. It takes a deft hand to make a metaphor work on so many levels without stretching it. You must have had a lot of practice.

    Oh, and if the "him" is self-referential, I feel your pain at your girlfriend having been ravaged by a 'colored pencil'.