Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Innocent Bystanders

It takes an article such as this, to truly show us the extent of these troubled times:

"[The innocent bystanders] shared their sad stories the other night at an informal gathering of Dating a Banker Anonymous, a support group founded in November to help women cope with the inevitable relationship fallout from, say, the collapse of Lehman Brothers or the Dow's shedding 777 points in a single day, as it did on Sept. 29"

My heart bleeds for these poor souls, who surely deserve their AE Platinum cards, Manolos and meals at Megu (highly recommend the kobe beef burger, next time you're there) as much as the next person.

That being said, I thought the following was particularly amusing:

"One frequent topic among the group is the link between the boardroom and the bedroom. "There's actually the type of person who has a bad day on the trading floor and they want to have sex more," Ms. Spinner Davis offered as she sipped a vodka gimlet, declining to say how she knew.

Ms. Petrus chimed in.

"If you're lucky you'll get that guy," she said, not revealing whether she considered herself lucky. "Middle-case scenario: It gets relegated to the weekends.

"Worst-case scenario," she began, and then took another sip of her drink."

Oh, and in case you want more (and yes, I very much do), they even have a blog.

(Link courtesy ZZ)


  1. What a bunch of shallow, spoiled,pathetic, awful and superficial women who are only good at swiping other person's credit card. Hello,what happened to the idea of being financially independent?

    As a female studying finance, I don’t know if I should be offended or amused.

  2. This reminds me of the funny story told by my friend who works at Wall Street. It is basically a 25 year old woman from New York who has placed a ad on Craig list where she claims that she is gorgeous and wants to marry a banker who makes over $500K a year. She has already dumped a guy who only makes $250,000. It wasn't her audacious proposition that left me rolling off my couch in laughter but the witty response fired back by an Investment banker of JP Morgan Chase, who said he fit the bill. He scathingly told the lady that her proposal was “a crappy business deal.” He argued that even though this woman described herself as “spectacularly beautiful, her looks will fade and his money will likely continue into perpetuity. In economic terms, she is a depreciating asset and he is an earning asset”. Moreover, he goes on to say that efficient-market theory holds that if Gold Digger were truly spectacularly beautiful, she would have found her sugar daddy by now. So he proposes an alternative arrangement: lease, rather than purchase. Well, finally, Gold Digger has really met her match.