Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Reign of Younis

Did you notice it?
The wind just changed.

Do you hear it?
A soft but relentless tribal drum pervades the air.

Do you sense it?
A cautious optimism fills your being.

Can you see it?
The sun. So bright. And yet. You can look straight at it.

Can you comprehend it?
The world. Today. Its perfectly balanced.

Can you feel it?
It starts in your toes. Steadily, it works its way up your calf, tickling your hamstrings. It shoots up your thighs but is more gentle while traversing your pelvis. It breaks off into two strands upon reaching your abdomen - one strand arrowing up your chest cavity and straddling your gullet on its way to your brain; the other strand curling around your spine, winding its way up your cord. Both slivers of energy meet again in your thalamus, climaxing with the most awesome headrush. A headrush to end all headrushes.

You drop down to the ground in "agony and ecstasy". You're confused. You're scared. What's happening around you? Why do you feel this way? Is this death? Are you god? Did you just get laid for the first time?


The answer is as straight as his bat is during a cover drive. As graceful as his shuffle during a forward defensive. As direct as his throw at the stumps.

There is only one truth.

He has arrived.

I hope you took a good, long look at everything around you yesterday. Things will be very different from here on in.


  1. I wish that one day I could feel the same joy. Sadly, there is no way that Hasan Raza, youngest international cricketer ever (and he's got the wrist x-rays to prove it), is becoming captain.

  2. Wo you're really going out on a limb to prove you're a bigger fan. Touche, sir.

  3. That sounds like how I felt when I smoked my first joint.

  4. aaahh

    i have found MYK.

    welcome to the captaincy son.