Wednesday, January 28, 2009

And you thought you had it bad...

Italian PM, Silvio Berlusconi, when not trying to run the country or buy David Beckham, says things like the following,

"deploying more troops on Italian streets following a series of rape cases would not guarantee the safety of the country's women because "we would need as many soldiers as there are beautiful girls in Italy - which we will never manage".


In his defense, he continued,

"[my comments were made solely as a] compliment to pretty Italian girls, of which there are millions...I believe that on every occasion it is always useful to use a light
approach and a sense of humour"

I guess he's not such a big fan of time, place, everything, etc


  1. The offensive remark of this buffoon reminds me of the famous shocking “lipstick" remark of BJP's national Vice President,Mr.Mukhtir Naqvi during the time of Mumbai attack and the recent jaw dropping and disrespectful comment of Sanjay Dutt, actor and aspiring politician on women. It just shows that either these male chauvinist, impertinent leaders are mentally bankrupt or that they just love a good gaffe. Lets distribute few jhadu ki jhapi in the honor of them. Right.

  2. hehehe....
    oh god, still laughing.

  3. its great to know that other countries also have prime ministers that suffers from foot in mouth disease