Tuesday, February 10, 2009

This'll drive up the male readership!


What, I need to say something?

Alright fine.

Apparently this young lady, at 38KKK, just set a tit world record. And you have to admire her commitment. Apparently, the state of Texas capped her breast enlargements at 34 FFF. Talk about your glass ceilings. Ms. Hershey (if that's her real last name, she is set in the porn industry) would have none of it. Her zeal to be the best (yeah, you'd think i'd try to be funny and say "breast") took her all the way to Brazil, where she finally achieved her life's goal of the magical KKK.

You know, scoff if you will, but in her own way, how is she any different from Michael Phelps?


For Phelps, it was the number 8 which held special significance. 8 gold medals at the Beijing Olympics (or something like that) was his dream and he sacrificed a lot to achieve it.

For her, it was the triple K's. She gave up a lot too. She dumped her man because he wouldn't back her up. If that doesn't put a tear in your eye, you're a dick. This is the kind of stuff those inspirational movies are made of.

Both of them, in their own respective fields, wanted to excel; be better than the rest; top everything which had come before. And I think its a shame that Phelps is treated like an American hero while poor Ms. Hershey is probably the butt of a million breast jokes.

So Sheyla Hershey: we at whatastupidity salute you.

Screw you, Phelps.


  1. Looking at this picture reminds of a strange last wish of a dying boy who was suffering from a brain tumor.This 15 year old boy was a patient of my sister at NYU Medical center.His last wish was to meet the 'Hooter Girls'.The poor boy had spent majority of his life in the hospital and wanted some fun and excitement towards the end of his life.With the help of 'Make a wish' foundation, he was able to meet the hooter girls who played music, games and danced with him.The boy died two days later with a big smile on his face.

  2. You know, I expected you to be good enough to make a Ku Klux Klan joke, but sadly I was disappointed.

  3. by the number of comments posted here, i guess the triple Ks failed to do the trick

  4. It is ironical that in comparison to this lady’s breast enhancement surgery, more and more men are seeking breast-reduction surgery. Whether you call them man boobs ("moobs") or man cans, they've become enough of a problem that one hospital has cited a 50% increase in patients seeking to remove their obstreperous man breasts. Apparently, Seinfeld’s "bros" or "manziers" are not the solution. Seeking to balance the obsessive attention paid to women's bodies, lets find out who has the worst "moobs"-Jason Alexander ("Costanza") from Seinfeld,Arnold Schwarzenegger,Mario "AC Slater" Lopez or Simon Cowell.

  5. Oh really? I am impressed.

  6. Good job keeping this blog regularly updated.

  7. Aren't you doing the same?