Thursday, February 19, 2009

At the age of six, while you were picking your nose...

This kid has received a scholarship from the French Football Federation, and is apparently being tracked by the Devil himself (otherwise known as Real Madrid):

While I was initially disturbed by the fact that a six-year-old was being fought over, on actually watching the video and seeing what he could do, I'm convinced that he could probably start for Arsenal today (he's definitely better than Song. And Eboue. Ugh). Additionally, he's already taller than Messi, so I suppose he's fair game.

This also reminded me of the australian nine year old who Man Utd signed a couple of years ago:

Moral of the story, if you have kids, get cracking...I know my baby isn't going to get any food until he successfully Marseille's me.


  1. This kid is sick. Fuck, he's TWO DECADES younger than me!

    I feel so bad for my kids, if any, becharas are going to be pushed soooo hard to fulfill all my failed ambitions - play cricket for Pakistan, play football for Arsenal, win a nobel prize in physics, and / or win a booker prize...oh and make millions of dollars doing whatever it is they do so that they can buy their dad (me) a nice house by the beach and a 1930 Mercedes SSK - Trossi.

  2. why would you wish a career in physics upon your child?

    A Booker is MUCH better - look at what it got Rushdie:

    i concur with the rest.

  3. The video didn't demonstrate any speed or strength, only skill. All those tricks will be useless unless he can actually get by people on a regular basis. Also, he seems to wander around the pitch and doesn't have a set position where he finds himself embedded, which could be a problem in the future.

  4. Padma Laxmi and Salman Rushie are history. They are happily separated and Padma is now hosting the Bravo's hit show 'Top chef' and dating Kimora Lee's ( Baby Phat) ex husband.