Wednesday, February 4, 2009

BONUS Links for the Day (non Recession related)

1) Russia's Owliest (i.e., he looks like an owl. Seriously) footballer is coming to Ashburton. Thank fucking God. Come on you Gunners!

Andrei, meet Cesc. Cesc, meet Andrei. Excellent.

For an Owly picture:

2) If this man had died, he would undoubtedly have won a Darwin Award. Sadly, he didn't, so he didn't. He did get arrested for possession of coke however, so there's that.

The relevant piece:

"Police said Melendez called 911 late Saturday and reported that two men with guns were watching him.

Police records show he hung up, so the dispatcher called back. Melendez answered and asked the dispatcher to hold on, but the dispatcher could still hear what was being said.

A voice can be heard on the recording of the call saying: "What you need? A 10-pack? You need a 10-pack? All right." Police say "10-pack" is slang for a bundle of heroin."


3) Christian Bale goes off on a lighting dude (director of photography?), for distracting him during "the most emotional scene" in Terminator: Salvation. A tremendously entertaining 4 minutes. For a minute, I thought Patrick Bateman was back.

Original Audio:


The Club Mix:

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