Thursday, September 24, 2009

Meeting Mr. Miandad

I think I've been waiting my entire life to hear something like this:

Lifelong thanks to OQ for alerting me to this.

I have a theory about this song: If you're from Pakistan and you dont like it or enjoy it, then the odds are that you're probably a bad person who is unhappy in his/her life, incredibly bitter, jaded and cynical and most probably a drag to be around.

If India does manage to beat us, I think this is the only song which could cheer me up.


  1. Dear Farooq, im glad you enjoyed it.. i saw it on Geo the other day where they also got the champ miandad's own view of the song.. he felt the song was as expected, ''GREAT'' and he also thought it would go to ''great heights in UK pop charts''. In essence, i feel its a great song with a sexy and catchy tune. I still cannot get over how cool it is and i cant help but play it every 2 minutes.. im going to be tuned into this all night Saturday (if we lose to sex maniacs).

  2. Farooq, heres some other lyrics i found to another song by the same band..

    Jiggery Pokery, a song inspired by Shane Warne’s first ball of the Ashes, could probably be played just after the national anthems at the start of this year’s England-Australia series. And you can sing along as well:

    Jiggery pokery, trickery chokery, how did he open me up
    Robbery! Muggery! Aussie skull-duggery! Out for a buggering duck.
    What a delivery I might as well have been Holding a child's balloon
    Jiggery pokery who is this nobody Making me look a buffoon?"