Tuesday, April 21, 2009

"You know the hole to put it"

I know a random post after months of silence without any explanation seems really odd, if not outright rude. But I just had to share this.

I think the actual language is Telegu which is from South India or something. I gotta learn this language if it sounds so hilariously obscene.

Some readers, if we have any left (or had any to begin with), may have already seen this.
Whatever. Its worth viewing again. Watch out for the request directed towards Oliver to commence defecating.


  1. Can we please get the formalities over with and declare this blog dead? Let's just all move on.

  2. @Ahsan Greetings. My blog is alive and kicking. I am inviting you to visit and read my blog.I hope you will enjoy it.

    @JJY and his co-blogger- Hi guys, I am one of your old readers.I invite you to visit my blog too.Its about NYC.I love this city, even when I hate it.